Wood displays

We produce easy assembling plywood POS displays without fasteners, which allows for ordering minimum quantities of one piece and extremely advantageous prices for the production of larger series.

What makes a difference here is the collaboration between the plywood and the typical assemblies that give our racks remarkable appearance, natural and contemporary design without compromising on their strength and quality.

Upon receipt, each rack represents a flat package which means lower transport costs.

We know that you are looking for distinctive advertising items, so we offer different branding, colour treatment options, and other subtleties that we will discuss together during the production of your racks.

You make the choice, and we guarantee its success!

Square Design offers develop & produce individual projects.

рекламен стелаж изработен от брезов шперплат без крепежни елементи, реклама
рекламен дисплей окачване касов дисплей щайга шперплат дърво дървен
reklamna pejka ot shperplat
nivea posm by plywood
reklamni stelaji
reklamen display za kozmetika
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