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Square Design – POS displays

We design and create marketing and advertising products from plywood and wood. The guideline we follow is the modern and professional production of individual and serial products.

reklamen stelaj za podprawki
reklamna pejka ot shperplat
reklamen display stelaj dyrvo
reklamen display za kozmetika
reklamni stelazhi
reklamni stelaji
easy assembling plywood display


First, we get acquainted with the product review and the brand behind it. This is how we create the design. This represents the process that involves researching, identifying the goal and achieving it through the project idea. Good design should be immediate, understandable and lasting.


Once we have created an effective design, it’s time to map it out. This is the part in which we make the product respond economically and technically to its goals. We choose the best way to implement it.


This is the final stage of the implementation of marketing ideas. The assembly of processes through which we pass ensures quality in the performance of the products. We keep track of the quality of the products down to the last detail.

ECO series of  easy assembling POS displays made by plywood

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